"How could I look my grandchildren in the eye and say I knew what was happening to the world and did nothing?” David Attenborough

Presca was born out of a search for ethically and sustainably made sportswear.  When we couldn’t find anything suitable on the market we decided to be the change we wanted to see - to make sportswear with the highest environmental and ethical standards.  We’ve been doing it since 2014. 

Sustainability is a term that has become a cover-all for the response to many environmental and social ills.   It can be confusing to understand what it means for a company to be “Sustainable”.  This page sets out what the word means to us. 

We see our role in sustainability as about amplifying the conversation about the impacts of the sportswear and wider clothing industries, and showing that today’s “normal” doesn’t have to be tomorrow’s.  We are working on reducing the impact of all of our operations, while treating people fairly. Sustainability is not a word we use because it’s on trend, it’s not a tickbox that we can stop working on when we get there, it’s a constant journey of improvement (and a few setbacks) and is the foundation on which the company is built.  Our sustainability journey allows us to challenge the status quo and work out how to do better.

Every choice we make as a business can have a significant effect on how we impact the environment and our workers, as well as the scale of those impacts.

In 2014 we were the first purpose-driven company in our marketplace.  The company has been purpose-driven since day one because of my background as an environmental scientist, and I’m proud that we’re leading the way in this conversation

Rob Webbon: CEO & Sustainability Director

We set the company up in 2014 in recognition of the major negative impact the sportswear market was having on the environment specifically through carbon emissions, chemical and water usage and, often, poor working conditions.  We looked for ethically made alternatives, using more sustainable fabrics, and there weren’t any - we decided to develop our own.  In the intervening years, scientific knowledge, and public awareness of these issues, particularly climate change, has increased dramatically.  The wider industry now recognises that “business as usual” is not good business and many companies are taking steps to address this. The positive change starting to happen in the industry now need to be widely adopted, and long-lasting.

First cycle jerseys created from recycled plastic bottles. Development ofa range of cycling garments fromsustainable fabrics. Developing newproducts and testing the market. Shortlisted in BT Sport Awards for World's MostSustainable Skinsuit. Presca Ambassador Gary Laybourne racesIronman Kona in ourlatest Tri Suit. First bespoke teamwear kit produced. GRN Sportswear Ltd launched March 2017. 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 concept stand to Took a GRN the Tour de France. GRNSportswear LLPFormed May 2014. 2020 Developed the World’smost sustainable Pro-Rangefor British UCI Continental raceteam. At Performance Dayssourcing fair - the firsttime with sustainability focus. Presca Teamwear launched.We now offer leisure wearthrough GRN Sportswearand performance teamwearthrough Presca. Presca deliversto 10 markets in first quarter.

We believe there’s never been a more urgent time to change the clothing industry than right now - we want to accelerate action on the climate emergency and do all within our control to reduce the impact of all our operations, to demonstrate to our competitors that there is a better way.  We want to amplify the discussion around what “sustainable” means for the sportswear industry and to lead the way with the products we make and how we run our business.

We’ve developed our Sustainability Strategy and have set some challenging goals to reduce our impact as quickly as possible.  It’s not going to be easy, and at times we expect it to be downright uncomfortable, but if it was easy everyone would be doing it.   

“Nobody ever achieves anything great by being happy and cosy” Alex Honnold, Free Solo

Our Headline Goals

Find out more about our sustainability strategy below.